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"Batman: Arkham Knight is a technical tour de force" - Digital Foundry

We Ship Games

Known Shippable is a partnership of professional video game programmers who specialize in shipping AAA quality games. With over 30 years of combined experience, 15 shipped titles across 12 different platforms and a variety of genres, Known Shippable provides insurance for game teams coming down to the wire that they will make their dates at the quality they desire. Known Shippable can relieve core technical staff from dealing with bugs and optimization, freeing up resources to improve the quality of your game as your final dates loom.

We Have Specialties

We offer consulting services to video game companies who need highly experienced engineers to help them start, develop or close their projects. We understand the stress that game teams are under and are accustomed to working in high pressure environments with an open and honest demeanor.


Extensive experience with low level profiling tools (Pix, Razor, Telemetry, Instruments, GPUView, VTune) to guide optimization efforts.


Significantly improving the performance of a wide variety of game and engine code without sacrificing stability or quality.


Memory profiling and optimization, implementing and tuning custom allocators for the unique needs of games.


Balancing I/O, content, compression and threading to reduce or eliminate load times without impacting quality.


We relish the finding and fixing of bugs that have been given up for impossible. We take bugs from known shippable to fixed.

First Party Submission

Hard fought wisdom from navigating and implementing platform requirements from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Apple.

Industry Standard Engines

Using, modifying and optimizing Unreal Engine 5 and 4 on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. Unity Engine development on Mac and Windows for deployment to iOS and Android.


Extensive experience in developing high quality games on Android and iOS.

Online and Business Intelligence

We've helped implement robust and scalable online systems and BI integration on all platforms.

We've Worked With

NetherRealm Typhoon Studios Eidos EA Ubisoft WB Rocksteady Lego THQ

We are

Yassine Riahi: LinkedIn MobyGames

Liam Flookes: LinkedIn MobyGames

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If you are a seasoned programmer with experience shipping AAA games and you'd like to step into the world of helping our clients ship high quality titles on time, we would love to talk to you!

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